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Atlanta Honor guard's plunge

Our inspiration for our first event!

The news herald

Lucas Sizemore was an officer with the Atlanta Police Department and his death has hit home here in the Downriver area — where he was family.

Sizemore, 24, is from Woodhaven and graduated in 2017 from Summit Academy High School.

He died by suicide on Jan. 9.

His parents, Brian and Marie Sizemore, of Woodhaven, have founded the Lucas Foundation, inspired by their son.

Lucas Sizemore (Photo courtesy of the Brownstown Police Department)

“Lucas” is an anagram for Law Enforcement’s United Crusade Against Suicide, and its purpose is to raise awareness to what many in law enforcement believe is an alarming suicide rate among police officers...


Our first annual polar plunge 2/24/24

media coverage from this event

Cops & COnes


photos from cops & cones


With Stephanie McKeith and guest, Brian Sizemore

A father's crusade to do his part in offering solutions to officers who are on the brink of a breakdown. After losing his son to suicide, Brian Sizemore couldn't go on one more day without taking action and providing the help his son Lucas, didn't have access to. Brian immediately started the ⁠LUCAS foundation⁠. It is a resource for those in law enforcement. When the day is too heavy and you don't know what to do, who to talk to, or what to do next - call 734-250-1962 or text: 988 you will be met with a warm and understanding voice of love and support who is here to listen and just "be" with you.

A tribute to our angel, lucas



WOODHAVEN, Mich. (February 16, 2024) -- After launching a foundation earlier this month in honor of their late son, Woodhaven parents Marie and Brian Sizemore are reaching out in search of individuals brave enough to jump into the frigid waters of the Detroit River on February 24 to raise funds for the new nonprofit.

The goals of the Lucas Foundation­—with “Lucas” serving as an anagram for Law Enforcement’s United Crusade Against Suicide— are to raise awareness of the alarming suicide rate amongst police officers and raise funds to support mental health resources for everyone.

The First Annual Lucas Foundation Polar Plunge takes place at 8 a.m. Saturday, February 24 at Sunrise Park in Grosse Ile, which is located at the eastern end of Grosse Ile Parkway and East River Road.  The event will be held every year on the weekend closest to Lucas’ birthday, which is February 26.

Lucas Sizemore was 24 years old and working as a patrol officer with the Atlanta Police Department when he died in mid-January.  He is a 2017 graduate of Summit Academy High School and a 2022 graduate of Eastern Michigan University.  The Sizemores have another son as well, Evan, 20.

“Providing access to suicide prevention resources while erasing the stigma people may feel while asking for help with their mental health is vitally important,” said Brian Sizemore, president of the Lucas Foundation.  “That will be a focus for the Lucas Foundation.”

While there is no charge to participate in the Polar Plunge, the foundation is accepting donations.  The funds raised from the event and future fundraisers will be distributed to organizations that offer services to prevent suicide amongst police officers and civilians alike.

“A lot of people have expressed interest already in this event, so we are looking forward to a good turnout,” said Sizemore.  “If people don’t feel like jumping in the water, they can still help the cause by attending the event or using social media to spread the word about it.”

While the Polar Plunge is the first event planned to benefit the foundation, Sizemore is looking to host more in the future, including one featuring police officers and ice cream later this year.

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Lucas Foundation 2-2-2

According to Sizemore, the idea for the Polar Plunge came from Brownstown Township Police Assistant Chief Andy Starzec.  “He knew we were starting the foundation and were looking for our first event,” said Sizemore.  “He is a member of the Island Ice Dippers, a group that jumps into the river regularly, so when he suggested a dip for the foundation’s first event, my family and I thought it was a great idea.”

As president of the Lucas Foundation, Sizemore plans to actively seek out speaking engagements to promote the importance of maintaining mental health and connecting people with resources.  Later this year, he will speak to academy cadets in Georgia at the request of the Atlanta Police Department.    

Supporters of the First Annual Lucas Foundation Polar Plunge include Stroh’s Ice Cream in Wyandotte, Island Ice Dippers, Gabby’s Grief Center, SymbolArts and the Atlanta Police Department.

For more information about the Lucas Foundation or the Polar Plunge, visit

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Brian Sizemore

President, the Lucas Foundation

(734) 250-1962

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